Thermo Applicators

Who are Thermo Applicators:

Thermo Applicators are the National Applicators for the Thermoshield Product. With over 40 years international experience in the construction business, you can be sure that your roof is in the best of hands!

Thermo Applicators ffamily

Thermo Applicators is a family run business with a big heart.

How the roof is prepared:

The roof surface (substrate) is cleaned using a high pressure washer. This removes all dirt and grime from the surface. The roof gets inspected for any defects. We search for damage, waterproofing issues, or loose roof sheet and flashing fasteners.  Any rusted areas are then neutralized and encapsulated. Once the team is happy with the state of the roof, the magic happens. The team applies two coats of Thermoshield, with an airless sprayer, brush or roller. This ensures a smooth coating.

Thermo Applicators

Thermoshield is applied to a rooftop

How do I get in touch with  Thermo Applicators:

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Thermo Applicators

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